Blob Back Fahrenheit ”Feel In The Blanks”

Blob Back Fahrenheit happened when a bunch of happy people started hanging
out having some ground shakin’ jams in the heart of Copenhagen.

5 talented musicians from different parts of the scene are finding common
ground in the life form called music by connecting their individual
expressions and ideas into the sound of Blob Back Fahrenheit.
They seem to be making music that’s beyound limitations of genres and
borders. Their music is based on energy, emotions, instant compositions
and raw power, remembering the freshness of music being music and not some
product that you put through 58 different filters to suite everyone’s

You can hear the massive amount of talent and love that these people
process, having the courage to leave music unspoiled and raw, recording
songs in first takes and letting the music speak for it self without any
unnecessary addings.

Their debut album “Feel in the blanks” consists of 12 songs varying
from punk aggressiveness, pop southing, open improvisations to pure rock
n’ roll. Taking these parts of music and mixing them together might seem
like mixing water and oil, but Blob Back Fahrenheit serves you a full and
truly excellent meal of 12 courses bringing you many different kinds
of taste and leaving you full and satisfied.

"Feel In the Blanks"
track no.1 So Envious.mp3
track no.2 Summer af Summer.mp3
track no.5 Off the floor.mp3

Hie Soo Moon - vocals & guitar
Jacob Funch - guitar
Oliver Hoiness - guitar
Anders Lauge Meldgaard - bass & guitar
Peter Ole Jørgensen - drums

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photos by: Tone Gellett Koksvik